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Our Company

Life Story Network is a company founded on the belief that the needs of the grieving public are forever evolving. It is founded on the belief that the grieving public moved beyond the casket and what is known in the industry as “traditional” funerals over a decade ago. It is founded on the belief that the grieving public would rather participate in a person’s life through the sharing of stories, primarily the Life Story® of the deceased.

These beliefs are substantiated as we read through the hundreds of client-family surveys that are completed each year. They are substantiated by the participation that we see on the website and in each funeral home where Life Story Products are available.

Currently there are funeral homes offering Life Story Products in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and New York.


Our Story

The story of Life Story Network and Life Story Funeral Homes:


Our Building

In late 2010 we purchased the former Fisher-Graph Steel Company building in Kalamazoo, MI. This facility was built in 1939 during the economic-transition from the Great Depression to war-time economic growth. Post Fisher-Graph ownership, the building fell into disrepair and finally was given a new purpose by Life Story Network. Our new space was completed in July of 2011. In addition to our office space there are two residential condominiums, four apartments and an art studio.

We are very proud of our office space, and love being a part of the downtown Kalamazoo community!