Cost Effective, Flexible, and Exclusive


Using Life Story® is easier than ever and surprisingly affordable, especially today when many funeral homes already have computers, their own printer, and flat screen TV’s. Also there are several things we do to keep costs down so you can offer families the Life Story Experience™ without a huge investment.

  • We take advantage of improved technology. This improvement makes the processes we use to create print and video media faster, and the quality of each design better.
  • Devotion to Research and Development has created opportunities. Our team of designers, editors, and IT specialists have continued each year to make the building of Life Story products as efficient and custom as possible, and still be able to produce each Life Story Media Suite within a matter of hours.
  • Product Packages are flexible. You can choose how many products and services you’d like to use, and rest assured that if you’d like to start small and ease your way into the Life Story Experience, we can accommodate that.

However, just because we’ve made it affordable, doesn’t mean we don’t take care of you. Here are many of the additional benefits of using Life Story:

  • Exclusivity. If you use Life Story, none of your competitors will. You will be the exclusive provider of Life Story products in your area.
  • For Burial or Cremation. Life Story makes every funeral better, whether it’s burial or cremation.  And with trends pointing toward more cremation services, Life Story gives you the ability to offer more to your families.
  • Tailored Services for your specific needs. We have a wide variety of relationships with our clients because all of our clients have different needs. We will help you understand where we may be able to help your business improve or possibly even make your job easier. With services like marketing and information technology becoming ever more important, we can be a friendly guide and resource.