Why Offer Life Story?


Arrangement Conference – The gathering of Life Story information can make the arrangement conference easier because the sharing of stories and memories addresses a significant need.  The stories they share carry the family onward, knowing the memories of their loved one will never die.

Client - Families – The Life Story Experience moves a client-family from thinking of your funeral home as a place of death to remembering your funeral home and staff for helping them reflect on the life that was lived. They leave with Memory Folders, a Life Story Book, and a video that tells the story of the life lived… not just a slideshow of photos.  These are the items that preserve the story for generations to come.

Visitors – Sharing the Life Story at the visitation and service creates a welcoming environment and opens a window to the life of the deceased. It engages the public in a way that is unexpected and greatly appreciated. Friends and family leave the visitation and the funeral with interesting stories and reflections on their own life.

Revenue – Life Story products provide a new value proposition for your client-families.  They support your effort to add to your bottom line by providing a new area of products to provide; while reinforcing visitations and funerals for clients selecting either burial or cremation.

Competition – Life Story is exclusive, we will only serve one funeral home in each market.

Marketing – Folders and other media reach the hands and hearts of every visitor and funeral attendee. These products carry your funeral home branding, and also guide people to participate online, where they can read the Life Story and share memories while again being presented with your funeral home name and logo.
Business Volume – Inevitably, a family will choose your firm because of the Life Story experience they encounter. We experience cases of families receiving one of our Thank You Cards or Folders, and seeking out a Life Story provider because of it – you will too.