Common Questions


Do I have to “join” Life Story?
No. The relationship you have with us is really up to you. Our services, and product packages are flexible to fit your needs.

What’s the turnaround time for a suite of products?
The Life Story can be written and print media & films can be produced within 24 hours when  necessary.

Do I have to change my funeral home name?
No. However, some firms have found it beneficial to participate in our recognized branding.

Do I have to switch websites?
While we feel our website solution is the best at offering families what they need, we do not require you to switch. But maybe someday we’ll convince you ;)

Do I have to get the full suite of products?
No, our packages are flexible to be as robust or pinpointed as you’d like.

How many funerals do I need to do?
We have a plan for every size firm.

Is a long term agreement necessary?
No. We have commitments as short as 1 year.

Can I try it?
Yes… in fact, try it for free!
Will you offer this to my competitor?
No. Once you choose to use Life Story, you become the exclusive provider of Life Story products in your area. (so you better hurry!)

Who writes the Life Stories?
We have a staff of professional writers who “grab” story notes as they arrive from funeral directors.

Who creates the Multimedia?
Life Story Network consists of graphic designers, video editors, 3D animators, IT specialists, web designers, web developers, and writers. The headquarters for this creative team is located in Kalamazoo, MI

Do you serve my state?
Yes! Technology advancements have made it possible for any funeral home in the United States (and even beyond) to provide Life Story to their families.

Can you send me samples?
Yes. Email or call (269) 344-2486

Is this affordable?
Yes. Our flexible packages allow you to choose how many products and services you would like.

How do I inquire further?

Email or call us and can even try Life Story with one of your families for free. Email or call (269) 344-2486