Print Product Designer

Life Story Network
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Life Story Network (“LSN”) is looking for a Print Product Designer to work alongside our small team that provides printed materials, videos, graphic design, writing, and support to customers across 8 states and growing.

The job of Print Product Designer involves taking source material (customer photos and Life Story) and assembling it into simple but poignant compositions — PDF and image files — for later printing and use by customers during funeral-related get-togethers and events.

The work you will do, moves people. For every product LSN creates, someone has died; it’s their story you tell. Your work becomes a focal point and center of gravity for those who are grieving, laughing, crying, celebrating the life, appreciating each other, and sharing stories.

It is fun and satisfying work for appreciative customers who are often surprised at what we can do. The feedback we get when it all comes together is truly remarkable.

Job Type
Part-time or Contract/Freelance

Typically starts at $12-$16/hr., negotiable

During the first 8 weeks of employment, training may require additional weekday hours.

  • Part Time: Saturday and/or Sunday 8AM - 4PM EST
  • Contract/Freelance: Negotiable, Weekend & EST preferred.

In-Office (Kalamazoo, MI) and/or Remote

Photo editing, layout and design in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Regular communication with staff via Slack and email.

Education Requirements

U.S. Resident

Proficient In:
  • Using the Windows OS
  • Adobe Photoshop
Familiar With:
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Google Workspace (Drive, Mail, Meet)
  • Techniques for image touch-up, color correction, restoration
Nice to have, but not required:
  • Familiarity with Premiere Pro or other video editing software/experience
  • High School Degree or equivalent
  • If working in-office, all equipment and software will be provided by LSN.
  • For remote work
    • a Windows 10-based PC capable of editing large, high-resolution print work within Photoshop and InDesign.
    • High-speed internet access: At least 20MB up/down recommended
    • Well-calibrated, high resolution display.
    • Adobe CS licenses may be provided by LSN.

  • Photo restoration, color correction, and touch-up.
  • Design and arrange source material (photos, text) into polished, aesthetically balanced and engaging compositions/layouts.
  • Export finished compositions as digital files to be printed or displayed by customers.
  • Interpret and implement changes based on customer feedback.
  • Integrate individual customer preferences into your design decisions and workflow.
  • Monitor incoming work, determine priorities, and design/deliver files accordingly.
  • Receive and integrate feedback from other staff at LSN regarding best-practices, design preferences, and standards..
  • Communicate and collaborate with coworkers via Slack, email, and Google Meet.
  • Contribute your observation and perspective towards ongoing improvement of the design and production process
  • Contribute your perspective to ongoing improvement of LSN’s products.
  • If interested, video editing responsibilities may also be an option..

Our customers do their best to get good-quality source material to us as soon as possible. But they also know that we’re there for them even when materials are lackluster and/or time is short. In fact, it’s often those times when customers are most impressed.

The right person for this position is someone who has an eye for detail, but understands and enjoys the challenge of delivering something special, on time, from source material and/or time constraints that may be less-than-ideal.

Each day’s work is similar, but of course the source materials (photos, story) change. Someone who enjoys that, along with the opportunity to refine their own workflow and techniques over time would be a great candidate.

The amount of day-to-day work can vary greatly. The right candidate can handle times of "peak demand", and is self motivated to improve their skills during occasional "down time".

Design is at the center of what we do, requiring attention to detail and aesthetic balance. The ideal candidate values constructive criticism (both giving and taking) and remains flexible while implementing feedback from customers and managers.

This position can be filled from anywhere in the US. If you’re in the Kalamazoo, MI area and prefer working in-person, we’d be happy to have you at the office, where we’d provide a desk and workstation at our office near downtown Kalamazoo.

If working remotely, you’ll stay connected with the other print production designers, video editors and support staff via Slack, email, and Google Meet. You’ll need your own Windows-based PC; LSN will provide additional software as necessary for the duration of employment.

In either case, you’ll be well-supported at the start with plenty of training, practice, observation and feedback. And there will be someone else working along with you if you need help.

LSN provides print and video work to customers 7 days a week, 364 days a year. Given the nature of our business, the workload can vary greatly day-to-day and week-to-week.

If taking a regular, part-time position, hours would be Saturday and Sunday, 8am - 4pm EST. Or, if only Saturday or Sunday is preferred, we may fill the position with two different individuals.

Initially (likely for the first 4-8 weeks), hours may be 9am - 5pm, for training purposes.

A more flexible schedule may be accommodated based on a contract/freelance approach, with compensation being based on each completed job/product (usually ½ - 2 hrs). Some work during weekends may be requested.

Typical starting wage is $12-16/hr., negotiable/.

Life Story Network is a privately held company located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Founded in 2003, we provide print, video and website solutions, as well as consulting services for the funeral industry. We aim to set funeral homes apart from their competition with a focus on life and memories, and a fundamental change to the focus of funeral services.

We’re a small team, compassionate and direct, and almost everything we do is collaborative. We put the customer first, we take ownership for our work, we dig deep and stay curious.

Life Story Network has a current client base in eight states: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York.

To apply for this position, simply fill out the application below. We're flexible regarding how we fill this position, so we ask some questions about your preferences.

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